Download Cashflow e-game

Download Cashflow e-game

You can download Cashflow free of charge and install the game at your computer. While playing Cashflow, the author of which is considered to be Robert Kiyosaki you will be able to learn how to distribute your money in a correct way and will find out the news about the forms of investment. Here you will be taught to take decisions of financial character and with the course of time can use your skills in practice.


Cashflow game is considered to be a teaching program where everyone can become acquainted with the basics of financial regulations and train his skills as for business carrying.

A virtual downloadable version of the game Cashflow is the analogue for the table game where several players can take part. It is possible to compete as with computer as with real persons.

The course of the game is as follows: all the participants throw the dice one by one and according to the result are making their moves. The field consists of two circles: Rat Race and Fast Track. All main events take place mainly at the first circle. Each cell contains negative and positive affairs having influence to your financial situation during the game. Also you will get your financial report where not only your losses and profit but also player's assets and liabilities will be pointed out (credits and other compulsory payments to the banks).

If your funds are sufficient, you can use them like investments. Also you will have the possibility to accept the suggestions which are being made and to participate in partner programs. But before doing this you should evaluate correctly your advantages and analyse investments consequences.

Download Cashflow game and gain experience which for sure will be used in your life.

download cashflow free


Among advantages of computer game Cashflow there is the possibility for 4 peoples to play at the same computer, plus you can always challenge the computer without gathering your friends for a new game.

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