Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki was born on the 8th of April 1947. His ancestors were Japanese who immigrated to the USA and settled there. Robert's father worked as a minister of education and after finishing the school Kiyosaki started for New York to complete his education.

Later he did his military service in Vietnam and after returning created his own company. He carried on successfully and some time lately the company began to give the profit of many millions. Since 1985 Kiyosaki organized "Rich Dad's Organization", the company dealing with teaching the students how to carry business affairs.

He is the writer who issued quite a lot of books became popular all over the world. Among them there is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "Quadrant of Cashflow", "Rich Dad's guide as for investment making" and the others. One of his the most successful work is teaching table game named "Cashflow". It helps not only to get more information about the most of financial strategic but allows to learn quickly how to make investment process in a correct way. It learns not only to distribute your funds correctly but gives the opportunity to learn how to use banking credit, to liquidate debts, to invest your money into shares and to work with balance sheets.

The game is represented in the market in several versions. Any user can download Cashflow or buy Cashflow game in table variant. Learning gradually the basics of financial transactions you can achieve quite good results and afterwards you can bring all your ideas to life.

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Among advantages of computer game Cashflow there is the possibility for 4 peoples to play at the same computer, plus you can always challenge the computer without gathering your friends for a new game.

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