Cashflow game 101, 202

Cashflow game 101, 202

Cashflow is one of the most well-known table and computer game with financial character. It helps not only to learn the basics of investment but allows to plan and to develop correctly your abilities how to carry business on.

There is as table as computer variant of the game. Game field consists of two circles: Rat Race and Fast Track. Each cell contains certain positive and negative events which can result as in profit as in losses. The main task is to get out of the first circle and after having taken an advantageous offer from the other participant, the player will be able to create his own business himself. The main point of the game lies therein that after having played Cashflow and learned all the main principles of carrying financial affairs, the player can bring them to life and develop the plan of increasing his own prosperity.

For doing this you just need to download Cashflow and to install the game at your computer. The rules are quite simple and the main advantage of the game is to carry your financial affairs correctly and to analyse all the investments you would like to make.

The author of this game is a famous entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki, who became a millionaire at the age of 47. It was published a great amount of books in strategic and development of own business which became famous all over the world. Cashflow game is considered to be not only an entertainment but a teaching programme allowing the player to understand the structure of financial market.

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Financial business game Cashflow 101 teaches fundamental basics of investment and how to manage your own finances successfully in ordinary life.

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